TOP 3 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here are the TOP 3 bedroom decorating ideas that I found when I was looking around in stores. I think that the first one will find its fans especially among the traveling types of people. I mean, I know that most people love to travel but not everybody puts the dream travel locations on the wall.

I think it can also serve like the vision board, if you believe in the law of attraction thing. When you see your world’s favorite places to visit on your wall the whole time, I really do believe you’ll somehow come across more opportunities to visit them.

The second bedroom decor idea is an ideal solution for people who just always somehow fall in the procrastination mode and just think too much

The final, third bedroom wall design that I’d recommend is great for people who always forget what needs to be done or buy in a store. It’s a wall chalk board and it’s great not just for general notes, but also for studies and calculations like in Math, Physics, or Chemistry..just an idea.