Home Decor Tips and Easy DIY

Do not clutter your space

  • No, it’s not because you find a pretty table that it will fit well at home.
  • Just because you bought a new home does not mean you have to buy all the furniture you find beautiful.
  • It’s not because the vintage decor is trendy that you’re going to pick 50 new items from a flea market.

Think about the size of your room and your needs. Think about the essentials and with experience, add  new items that fit your personal style as you go. For a classy look less is more in this case!

Use Plants

This is a timeless and perfect inspiration to beautify a home. Always have a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table. Moreover, some houseplants always makes a room more warm and friendly.


For those who do not have a green thumb, succulents and cactus have become the darlings of interior design. No excuses possible. In addition, it is always possible to create a new decor with seasonal flowers. A nice way to always have a new decor without having to spend a lot.