My TOP 3 Street Fashion Styles

I don’t know why but when I think of street fashion, I always think of some Hip-Hop style of clothing, something very comfortable and doesn’t really put a emphasize to be very clean. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to say that the hip hop clothes should be dirty, I think I that you just know what I mean and there is no need for further explanation. Of course there’s a huge amount of different street styles. The image I have about street fashion is mostly like that for two reasons. One is that I’m a big fan of Hip-hop and thus I’m mostly seeing these styles in the video clips etc. – it’s just always on my eyes somehow. Second reason is that the Hip-hop culture has been greatly on the rise in general. More and more fans of this lifestyle dressing accordingly just promote this idea of street fashion = Hip hop fashion even more. I think that in the past there was more of punk and just neutral styles on the streets. However, I really need to say that the way how the fashion develops now has no limits and what was in the past considered a punk or anarchy style, now you can see that incorporated in Hip-hop styles as well and has already became a part of this culture as well.