Korean Fashion Trends

For many years, Japan was the country that influenced the rest of Asia in fashion. Indeed, the western world had its eyes turned to the fashion of Harajuku which was synonymous with avant-gardism and excess. However, in recent years, South Korea has become the country at the forefront of fashion, to which all eyes are turned.


The “Hallyu” wave¬†

If Korean fashion has been able to slowly but surely infiltrate the rest of Asia, it is thanks to a cultural phenomenon dubbed Hallyu. A term used to refer to this cultural ideological instrument used by the Korean government to spread its word. culture in neighboring countries, through music, dramas, cinema, cosmetics and fashion.


The Korean fever quickly spread to different Asian countries, including China in the late 1990s. The Hallyu wave explains quite well the popularity of Korean fashion in the rest of Asia, with millions of fans across the continent who wish to look like their favorite Kpop stars.

Young Koreans love fashion, which responds to a huge concern for appearance as a social status. For them, shopping is also a sacred value that helps run the economy.