Street Fashion

It is true that street fashion or fashion as a whole can be art, that some shoes, some clothes are really “beautiful” in the artistic sense of the term, otherwise there would be no fashion museum, design museum, exhibitions about fashion, etc … (besides if someone wants to take me to the fashion museum in Paris, I’m good to go!).

Clothes are also a way of expressing a sensibility, a vision of the world, in the same way as painting, sculpture, dance – and so on. Clothing is also a culture, a way of belonging to a group. We do not dress the same way in India, Senegal, France or the United States.

You will tell me that it also corresponds to financial means, of course but even beyond the money I sincerely think that the way of dressing also corresponds to a culture, family, friendly… which also refers to social circles.

A 17-year-old girl from a working class background does not dress the same way as a bobo girl from Paris. What I’m saying seems obvious to all but it’s good to show that the dress ultimately represents us more than we think.