Top Womens Fashion – The Black Straight Skirt

The black straight skirt is a wardrobe essential for the office outfits but not just that!

Choose it above the knee and in a slightly stretchy material that will enhance your shape. It must be chosen “normal” size, that is to say neither high waist nor low waist but just in the middle. It is thanks to this normal size that you will be able to play the overlays with a long vest for example or a long blouse, or, more in a more dressy way, by choosing to tuck your top into the skirt.

The black straight skirt is a piece to have because whatever your silhouette, it has the effect of lengthening the horizontal lines forming a unit from the hips to the top of the knee. In addition the black color will refine your silhouette, a detail that each of us will appreciate…

For a nice look in the office, wear your skirt with mid-high heels and your cream-colored blouse.

For a Saturday night look, put on a fitted top and wear your blazer to structure the outfit. Do not forget your shoes!