Fashion In Africa

In recent years, Africa has been the focus of attention. Indeed, from dreamlike places for holidays to investment opportunities it offers, the African continent is on track to position itself among the most influential. It is also being noticed in terms of the fashion industry which is developing more and more. Today, Africans are also trying to gain a foothold in this market. They intend to show that Africa is not an entity, but a continent with diverse influences and talents. Fashion is an industry that is setting up a strong influence every day on African soil.

Currently, the fashion industry is turning more and more towards the African continent. Large groups now prefer the African textile industry to that of Asia. This is the case of the Swedish group H & M, which in 2014 relocated part of its production to Ethiopia. Some local manufacturers like the MAA factories of Kebire Group are trying to compete with subsidiaries of major international groups. There is a proliferation of African brands such as Kiki Clothing and Christie Brown labels that are aligned with higher quality standards. Many African luxury designers such as Duro Olowu have gained visibility and achieved international recognition.