Love Quotes

Love quotes have a way of reminding us of the tender feelings we may have towards other persons. Attraction, on the other hand does not necessarily lead to love. Some people are dazzled by the appearance, for example by the physical or social status of someone. They attach themselves to the appearance to the detriment of being. It is not the other who is loved, but only the pride they derive from being at their side. In these conditions, the relationship is not built on a good foundation.

As referenced in the love quote above, true love has its meanders. Sometime we even get our hearts broken in the process. Following a sentimental disappointment, it is common to try to get consolation in the arms of a nice unknown person. Be careful not to confuse consolation with love, because consolation only delays the mourning of the previous relationship. Only by mourning the previous disappointment will you be ready to fall in love again.

Remember this quote when the time comes; when you may want to meet someone simply because you are bored in your own life.