Great Happy BD Meme From a Chinese Kid

Now kids are all a lot of fun everybody knows that, but I think that no matter what they can always surprise you with even a better cute or funny face all the time. The fact that their life is not filled with worries of a everyday regular life of an adult person makes them so unique and different. Plus they don’t even know why they should be feeling stress as the way the know the world is just a happy and safe place. Of course there are exception unfortunately and it’s very sad but that’s how the world is.

Searching through memes today I found this cuute little Asian boy (I think it’s a boy, for some reason I have a hard time to tell haha) and thought I had to share it. I don’t know how about you but I think that asian kids can be especially cute. But of course it depends my nephews are extremely cute too)). And I love that phrase: “Happy birthday, thank you for always being older than me” ahahah good one.