The Most Beautiful Love Quotes

Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Oscar Wilde have been able to express their feelings in wonderful texts. Why not take inspiration from it to declare our love? Palpitations, knotted throat, sweaty hands, smug smile, immense happiness that invades you just with the furtive thought of being loved?

Why is it so good to be in love?

From the earliest writings of Roman philosophers to contemporary literature, there is a theme that continues to inspire the greatest authors: Love. Whether funny, painful, screaming truth or fantasy, these quotes all have one thing in common: they make us even more loving.

What is this intense feeling that transcends us?

The greatest authors, poets and philosophers are interested in love, and it is they who speak it best. And we drink their words.

The feeling of love is always a real mystery, which is apprehended in millions of quotes on love.

But why is it also so painful sometimes?

We spend a lot of our time waiting for someone or something. We expect great love, transported by children’s dreams and we realize that Prince Charming does not exist.