Long Hairstyles Tips for Gorgeous Gradient Haircut

The gradient is one of the rare hairstyles that can grow for a few weeks without losing its structure.

Care Adapted to Your Gradient Haircut

To turn a gradient into that popping style, it is essential that the ends of your hair are perfectly taken care of. After all, it is the apparent points that define this look composed of different lengths. If necessary, use shampoos, conditioners and masks specially designed for damaged hair, a special serum spike or hair oil.

Too late, the forks are already there? In this case, ask your hairdresser to cut the split ends. This small sacrifice will allow you to get hair which is healthier, stronger and full of volume.

How to Style a Gradient

This star haircut is recognizable by its different well-defined levels and accentuated peaks. For this, only one product is necessary: ​​the hair wax. It help define the cut without weighing down or stiffening the hair.

In addition, the wax makes them shine and gives more volume to fine hair. Rub a small amount on your fingers, then roll some ends between your thumb and your index finger.