Gorgeous Eye Makeup For Radiance and Gaze Intensity

Why is eye makeup important? Because for some, the eyes are the reflection of the soul!

To restore radiance and intensity to the eyes, we must opt for a nice sparkling and bright makeup.  Go for a nice sparkling and bright makeup!

For a great look, get yourself:

– an eye-shadow comprising at least two degraded shades, one light, the other darker;

– a black or brown pencil, well cut to emphasize the eyes;

– Curvaceous or volumizing mascara to perfect makeup.

Colors to make up the eyes

Are your eyes brown? Opt for warm colors: shades of chocolate, amber gold, pearly white or raspberry violin… Greedy and warm colors that will perfectly highlight your ember eyes.

Want to make up green eyes? The palette of green eyes is quite wide: they blend well with warm tones (brown, gold, purple) as well as cooler shades (gray, blue, beige).

Are your eyes blue? To sublimate an azure look, choose a makeup in pink tones, an ideal shade to reveal the brilliance of the bluish iris. However, gray-blue, brown and gold also dress the look with elegance.