My Favorite Eye Makeups

This is my first post in a new category that is going to be dedicated to the overwhelming topic, which is makeups. The reason why it’s so popular is that it actually represents a big and important part of women’s person. Attractiveness will always be of one of the highest importance and finding the best ways to increase it as well. Women use make simply because it works – in an instance (actually it’s not really an instance with most women 🙂) you can have a totally different level of attractiveness in the eyes of the society and so they will be interacting with you.

Yes, I think there’s no doubt that makeup can have such a power, especially if you know exactly what you’re doing with it. Everybody likes big and sensual eyes and here’s where eye makeup comes into place. It’s practically impossible to say that this or that makeup is the best because it depends on the person wearing it and also everybody has a different taste of what’s best. In the picture of this post you can see which ones I find really beautiful.