Home Decor Tips – Painting Metal

Painting tip: how to paint metal well

Easy to apply and resistant, new paints now allow individuals to paint all types of metals by themselves. Provided you know the right gestures. Follow our advice and remember: for a perfect and lasting result, the surface to be painted must always be healthy, clean and dry.

Tip 1: Prepare your support

Degrease your surface with acetone to remove the rusty part with a wire brush if the rusty surface is small or with a rust destroyer if the surface is wide. It is important to dust off the substrate before painting for a smooth and perfect final result.

Tip 2: have the right tools

To paint properly, it is important to have good brushes or a good lacquer roller. If you use the ready-to-use paints, be careful not to dilute them and stir them well before application. To avoid drying too fast and allow better adhesion, avoid painting in wet weather or in direct sunlight.

Tip 3: Use the right Storkes

The right strokes in painting is to cross your strokes and finish by smoothing slowly and without much support and especially without reloading the roll in matter to obtain a perfect and regular result.