Easy Home Decorations [DIY]

Repainting a ceiling, a kitchen or tiling, revamping furniture or even a crack, all the small jobs in the house and garden are accessible to all with picture and video tutorials. It is not necessary to be a great handyman to get DIY right!

The tendency is to return to nature, even in our interiors. Also, there are a lot of DIY ideas which are easy to implement and inexpensive enough to make your decor “greener”. Small vegetable gardens and aromatic herbs grow more and more in our kitchens.

A beautiful decorative pendant can add an explosive touch to your interior! By creating it yourself, you can mix your favorite colors and shapes at a very low price. And if you go for slates, know that there are models entirely designed in this material.

If your budget is limited, think of outdoor blinds that will prove to be just as practical and less expensive. Use a reinforced protection (up to 8 years) ideal on grids, shutters and garden furniture.

N:B: Before painting any surface, apply a pre-coat and avoid painting directly to make make sure the painting lasts long and looks good at the end of the day.