Everything You Need to Know About Your Gorgeous Wedding Makeup

Bright, romantic, natural: these are the key words of a wedding makeup. On the D-day, no way should you overdo make-up; the outfit and the hairstyle are already sophisticated, it’s useless to go in overdrive.

The Complexion

The beauty of your complexion will be the very first step you will take for your wedding makeup. Your skin should be radiant, but not bright, slightly tanned, smooth.

The Foundation

It is important to experiment before buying it, for example on the back of your hand.


Use a foundation that matches your basic complexion: if you have very pale skin and use a dark foundation, the result will not be natural. Ask for advice when you buy your products.

Tips and application

You will need to be vigilant about the quantity and apply it only after putting on your dress, at the risk of having a little orange on the collar.

Apply a small amount on all four corners of your face (forehead, cheeks, chin). Then make small circles with your fingers, so that it impregnates well, and make sure to distribute it over the whole of the face and spread the product on the neck, so that there is no demarcation. Finish with a blush (pale skin) or golden (matte skin).