Elaborate Eye Makeups

Those who wish to have a more elaborate eye makeup, to go out for example, can apply up to four layers of shade on their eyelids. In this case, start with the clearest color. Then apply a darker makeup on the entire eyelid. Finally, you can apply a third and even darker shadow at the outer corner of the eye. Start from the root of the eyelashes and progress towards the outside of the eye then go back slightly on the crease of the eyelid. This third layer will embolden your look. Finally, you can use a flashy blush color below the eye to bring a touch of brightness to the whole.

If you apply several layers of eye-shadow, remember, between each step, to use a brush to muffle the marks and blend the colors. This is the secret to eye makeup!

Finally, always think about applying makeup according to the shape of your eyes. If you have big eyes, do not skip the layer of light eye shadow under the brow bone. If your eyes are close together, add a touch of light makeup to the inner area of ​​the eye. If, on the contrary, they are spread, put a darker eye shadow inside the eye.