European Home Decor

Have you been on a vacation in some of the beautiful cities in Europe and come to see a home decoration style that you really liked? In that case, you are on the right page right now as this post is dedicated to my TOP most favorite European interior design. I need to say that it’s obviously not easy to choose just one and only one as there is sooo many beautiful designs in so many different styles that it’s practically impossible to choose the best one. Every one is just different and if we can talk about the best designs, we would need to pick the best in a huge amount of categories. That’s why in this case, it’s gonna be again just influenced by my personal opinion, feelings and interests. The reason behind why I picked the one you see in the picture is actually pretty simple – I’m a beach boy and addicted to spending time on the beach in general and it comes hand in hand with the sea, wood and simply light natural colors and designs. Concretely in this case – a Malaga’s beach house style (Malaga is a beautiful coast region in Spain).