Chess Board Game Rules

Chess is one of those games that don’t need any kind of introduction. This notorious strategic game traces its origins back around 6 thousand years in India (or some believe in China), which makes it one of the oldest games on the planet. Of course it changed throughout these years a lot but the core is the same. Chess has always been my favorite game. I remember playing it long hours against the computer when I was a child. It was so interesting and motivating to beat the machine that it was an addicting game for me 🙂 As from my nature, I always need to be the best and overcome not only others but myself as well, I played this game a lot as it was not easy to win at all. I think that this is one of those better addictions as it surely helped me develop my mental, logical and strategic abilities, which can only help also in the life in general. I know that in some countries, Chess is even played at school, which I find to be a REALLY good idea. It’s actually the best way how to educate and train your mind, especially kids as they get so easily distracted or bored when facing something not so interesting – such as many of the school subjects. Kids are kids and want to play – why not connect fun with something useful? I think that Chess should be a real school subject – well, at least at the primary school.

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Chess Rules