Apples To Apples Card / Board Game Rules

Another game that can be categorized as a board game or card game as it’s practically only specific designed cards that you’re going to use. What I found interesting about the history of this game is that in 1999, Mensa included it in its lists of winners that year – only 5 games were selected each year and Apples To Apples happened to be one of them. This is just another sign that this game is one of the most social games focused on the intelligence that you can find. What’s more, that year of 1999, it was even selected as the Party Game Of The Year by some magazines. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet but as I love brain teasers and party games, I think that this is just a perfect combination for me. I’m specifically glad to review this game here as this website as you already know is primarily focused on intelligence and brain training with the aim to increase IQ. Although it might be a slow process games such as this one, and all the puzzles that you can find here are actually the best way to increase some points of your IQ in the fastest way. Of course you need to do something for it on regular basis – but hey – it’s so easy, just visit this site at least once a week, solve at least one puzzle and you’re well on the right track. Plus playing games such as Apples to Apples can only help.

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Apples To Apples Rules