Best Life Quotes For a Happier Life

A fulfilling life is a life that has a purpose. An important element that contributes to the success of any company is the statement of its mission – the expression of its purpose, its raison d’ĂȘtre. As an individual, we too need to understand why we exist.

As soon as you can, do something you would not normally do, something “different” from you and your character: a new hobby or sport you never dreamed of doing. By regularly leaving your comfort zone, you will become more flexible, more adaptable and rich in new experiences.

Tips for a Happier Life

  1. Free yourself from the negative people around you so they cannot grab you and drag you down with them.
  2. When you’re feeling a bit low on energy and veering into the negative, go for a workout, listen to a motivational CD, watch an inspiring talk, read a personal development book, or take a Walk-Active.
  3. Take the time each day to do something you like to do that does not involve choices or decisions: an activity that relaxes you as much as taking a hot shower, doing 5 minutes of cardiac coherence or cooking a good one little dish.