One Of My Best Funny Jokes

To be honest, It’s actually a pretty sad world that most people can relate to this joke. Not long ago, I saw a statistics where it showed a very disturbing number. Practically over 80% don’t like their job and in some cases almost 70% of people say that they actually hate their job. Now this is a very serious problem if you ask me. You basically spend at work most of the time of your day and yet most people say it’s horrible. That’s like saying their life is horrible – I mean it’s most of their time so…

I love a quote I once heard which goes: If you have to take a vacation from your job, don’t ever com back. I truly agree with that. You shouldn’t get back to work where you cannot wait for a vacation. You’d better just go ahead and find a job that you would truly enjoy. Now I know that this is easier to say than to actually do, but no one said it was easy – hhahha another great phrase. But seriously think about it, if you stay in a job that you don’t like (maybe even hate), not only you cannot fulfill your potential but you also damage the company you work in as instead of you there could be someone who would enjoy it more and thus do a better job than you.