Battleship Board Game Rules

Have you ever played the Battleship paper game, probably with your friends at school, etc.? I did and I have great memories with it. It’s a simple game, yet very entertaining. The setup is also very easy. You don’t need a lot of space around and the only material needed is a pen (I prefer a pencil in this case) and paper. You would draw two squares on it one smaller – for tracking your shots and see where you hit the opponent, and the other would be actually the map of your ships. You would then agree on a specific design of ships that you’d be using so that you could know where to hit next to completely destroy the ship. At least this is how I played it but there can be some minor differences with the way you know the rules. The game has been played like this since around the World War era but in 1967, Milton Bradley formulated it into a board game version. Now wonder he thought that it was a good idea seeing how popular was already the simple pen and paper version – I think that was a really smart move. I actually like the way it was designed a lot and certainly consider it even more entertaining.

Where To Buy

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Battleship Board Game In Action