The Rich and Famous Make the Best Memes

The concept of Internet memes was almost born at the same time as its main support. Today unavoidable on the Web, it consists of re-using and mass sharing an idea, a phenomenon or just about anything on the Internet. Memes are propagated in the form of videos, sentences or misappropriation of images. With the globalization and emancipation of the web, the world of electronic music has not escaped the growing and sometimes very sharp eye of the community of memers.

A true phenomena on the Internet

Memes can be spotted everywhere on the web. Generally originating from a simple selfie or a vulgar photo, memes come from the pure genius of Net surfers. In the same way as a snowball, as soon as a meme is made, a flop follows. Some have become real stars of the web this way.

disaster girlIt is the case of Disaster Girl, the girl posing in front of a house on fire, who now has more than 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. The memes continue to cause laughter and get adapted to each possible and unimaginable situation. Their only limit is the imagination of users.