The #1 Luxury Nail Design On The Planet

Nails are such a big and popular topic that I decided to write an article dedicated to what I found to be the top luxury nail design in my opinion. They can come in different shapes, lengths and textures, many different colors and their shades, so you can imagine it was not an easy task. The design I chose from ALL the possible varieties is actually not so originally decorated as most of the designs, but I don’t know why – for some reason I really really love the simple REAL and shiny plain gold-color nails. Don’t get me wrong, there’s so many fake and ugly gold styles, but the one I like is just the nice golden pattern that reminds you of the real metal so much. It looks especially good on longer nails. I know that many of you will think that it’s just nothing original and the easy choice but I do believe that also in this case the power is in the simplicity. I just cannot think of any better, more luxury design – think about it – gold will always be considered the #1 color when it comes to the luxury.

  1. The # 1 Nail Design In My Opinion – Golden Nails:

Golden Nails Art