Cool Summer Orange Nail Design

Here we go again after a longer time with another cool nail design. This time it’s a nice and original, light orange summer shade. It’s a very fresh color and popular creamy color, especially for the last couple of years. The form of the nails are a typical shape not too long, not too short and just rounded in a classic way.

However, to make it stand out a lot more, we have here some golden stripes in a very elegant way – we don’t wanna over do it – it’s just to bright them up. As they say, the power is in the details and it couldn’t apply more also for this case. The best of all is that it’s basically very easy to make this design yourself, all you need is find a store with a similar color. For the golden stripes, you can visit any store with paper and accessories and I’m sure they’ll have some golden papers/foils that you could use. Enjoy!