Nail Art Decorations To Try

Nail art cannot be improvised. My ideas, tips, tricks and testimonials on how to master nail polish, nail stickers, stamping, gel, and nail art kit. All about nail deco for a successful manicure, at home or in the shop.

By hand

You can, with the use of a white or colored varnish, draw calligraphy on your nails using a small sharpened stick, a special brush or a needle. This is only valid if you are very careful because the operation is delicate.

With a stamp

Sold separately or in a small kit that contains varnishes, stencils and stamps, this technique is very simple and allows you to obtain pretty patterns that seem made by a professional. You put a base, soak the stamp with polish on which it is stenciled and then dab on your nail. The drawing appears thereon.

With an airbrush

This is the technique used in beauty salons (air brush). The airbrush is quite expensive but you can make all kinds of drawings. Patterns are also formed using a tiny stencil on the nail and special paint is sprayed. You can mix drawings and colors with stencils.

Of course, you can perfect your nail decoration by decorating it with some rhinestones.