Korean Fashion On The Streets Of Paris

Five Korean fashion designers from the “K-fashion” project presented their collections in Paris during Fashion Week in September 2017. They were supported by the Seoul government, which wants to conquer markets abroad.

Unlike Japanese designers, who have been around for many years on the international scene, only a few Koreans have established themselves outside their borders. This fashion began to be talked about in the 1990s during a parade in Paris.


The rising generation has taken up the challenge to meet the needs of young Koreans who love fashion. Seoul, with its ultra-popular pop stars, has become a showcase of fashion in Asia. Chinese consumers come to find the latest trends, big names in luxury jostle while Korean cosmetics are a global craze.


In 2012, the Korean government launched the K-Fashion Project in order to financially help its national talents to make themselves known abroad. “Koreans are obsessed with fashion, and young designers, who grew up in this environment, have great streetwear creativity, which they know how to make fun,” said Ju Tae-Jin of the Korean Research Institute for the fashion industry.

After editions in New York, Beijing and Shanghai, the concept came to Paris to showcase the “made in Korea”: everything, including fabrics, is made in the “country of calm morning”.