Inspirational Quotes For a Life of Success

When I was much younger, my friends and family used to tell me I’m way too serious or I set standards that are too high. That was nice way of saying loosen up a little girl. My reply always sounded something like this: “I don’t need anything that does not move me in the direction of my life’s goal.”

I love inspirational quotes about setting goals. I say set goals that draw you forward. If a goal is too ambitious, split it into several mini-goals. At each mini-victory, give yourself a small reward to celebrate. This maintains your motivation and your confidence in your abilities.

Milton Berle Says Focus is Key

Learn concentration techniques that allow you to quickly focus your attention on the task you are doing, in case you are scattered. Techniques such as those of the Vittoz method, for example, are excellent.

Buddha Needs no Introduction

Use positive affirmations throughout the day to instill self-confidence, positive thoughts and feelings. For my part, when I work at home, I play subliminal music on self-confidence, efficiency, success, wealth, etc.

Rabindranath Tagore

Always look for the best situations that happen to you, especially if you think of them as “bad”. Many things happen when they are not what we expect.

As I once told someone I admire: Keep in mind that the sun is always shining above the clouds.”