Ideas of Meaningful and Great Tattoos For Girls

Lux in Tenebris

From Latin, one could translate it as “light in the darkness”. A message of hope to encourage one to keep smiling even in the tests.

The Lotus Flower

It is born in a muddy ground, then goes back gradually to the surface and blooms in a beautiful flower. In other words, regardless of our origins or past, it is possible to mature in a dazzling light.

The Thief

This tattoo is inspired by the literary world of Tolkien, that of the Hobbit. Synonymous with “thief”, this rune was used by Gandalf for the dwarves to find their homes. We can therefore see it as meaning never losing oneself and finding one’s home, whatever the pitfalls.

The Zen circle

Also called “ensô”, it represents the enlightenment, the universe and the inner strength. It is a sign of personal development and acceptance of the perpetual changes that we undergo.

The Anchor

She has a very strong symbolic. First cherished by sailors to evoke their return to the mainland and their reunion with their family, today it represents strength, stability and balance. And for romantics, the person who gives you courage and helps you keep your spirits up no matter what happens.