#1 Mens Tattoo – At Least For Me

The tattoo that you see here is on…now guess which celebrity that is…Ok I think that like for the 90% of people here it must have been a real piece of cake. Yes, it’s The Rock or his own name¬†Dwayne Johnson. Now I need to say that he’s one of my most favorite actors but it truly didn’t affect my free and unbiased judgment what I was deciding for the best tattoo for men)). I mean seriously, no jokes I just really think that from all the other million images that you can put on your body this one is cool (although I wouldn’t get it for me).

That’s what I thought when I first saw that – which was many many years back.. I think that a lot of people have a similar opinion as in the recent years I could see this tattoo a number of times on different people..With Rock it actually has a real meaning – his father’s ancestors were of Samoan culture. It’s not Maori as most people think, but Maori is a pretty similar tribe thanks to the geographical position they shared – Pacific islands.