My Most Favorite Geometric Tattoo

I’d say that this type of tattoos has been just slowly and recently on it’s rise as I haven’t seen much of them on people around in the past. Not even on some pictures of celebrities, etc. on the internet. It’s just know that more and more people fall for this tattoo passion thing that there has been a need for more original and new style tattoos to rise up. Even though people happily put on them the same pictures they saw on another person, they still know about the great feeling of having actually something really original. In my opinion, geometric tattoos are especially cool for some reason – I think that my geeky mind has a lot of to do with forming of my affection towards this type of tattoo hahaha. But don’t think that my opinion is just totally influenced by that. I truly believe I can make an objective input on this and say that geometry in general is simply cool.