Hot Beach Living Room Design

Are you in that situation of life where you’re about to buy a new house and are looking for ideas on how your interior should look like? Or you might be just tired of your current design and would like to throw in some changes to increase your dopamine and serotonin levels. In either case I hope that I can inspire you at least a little bit with this great living room design in the photo. I honestly spent some significant amount of time to find actually one that I’d really like. I’m very selective and indecisive when it comes to most things so it takes time till I find the perfect fit. Yeah, the problem is that I’m a perfectionist and although it is actually a good feature, it should be controlled to make it its full potential and stay a good feature. Go too much and it can easily convert in a bad feature – I’ve seen it happen many times in other people, and actually I on my self as well if I’m honest.