Best Garden Design For Privacy

Because we like to be quiet at home, even in the garden (or on the terrace), it is important to protect oneself from prying eyes. Wooden fence, green wall, sheers, a multitude of solutions exist to hide from your invaders without skimping on style. You doubt it? Discover my ideas to shelter you from prying eyes!

Vegetal Separation

To hide from neighbors without denaturing your garden or to bring more plants to your terrace, plant separation is proving to be the best solution. Bamboos are obviously the plants that will protect you the best in addition to being accessible to smaller budgets. The more patient ones can opt for hedges whose growth time is months…

If your garden is surrounded by walls, consider ivy or climbing roses for example, a good tip for your wall is based on nature!

The Wooden Fence

Not far from being a novelty, the wooden fence is surely the most widespread protection. Nevertheless, many brands now offer trendy models from this material that will naturally find its place in your corner of greenery. Design, integrated light spots or even hanging planters, the wooden fence is more modern than ever!