Best Home Gardens

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Too clean, your garden may take airs abandoned or undecorated. On the contrary, play the card of “everything that is small is cute” by choosing the cozy and cocooning style. Multiply the plants and do not leave empty walls. Thus, you will literally feel like you are in a haven of greenery.

Do not forget the lanterns and other cushions to decorate your garden. And do not be afraid of too much!

Adapt to the Shape of Your Small Garden

A small garden all in length? Do not panic ! Reorganize the whole by respecting the shape: avoid losing space, each centimeter counts in a small garden. On the contrary, invest the space up and down, be prepared not to respect the traditional format of landscaping.

Install a Pergola

If you want to create dynamics in a small garden you can, as we have seen, change flooring, but also add a small shelter, arbor or pergola. Thus, you will segment the space further by giving each parcel a role.

As here, you will find a barbecue area under the pergola, then a corner table and terrace for lunch, finally, a lawn area to relax or play outdoors. So many little nooks that give the impression of a large garden!