Funny Sports Meme

Hahaha this sports meme is soo funny..I came across just a few minutes ago and had to post it here. Picture memes are such a great way to express so quick information, quote or joke as it’s simple and mostly very easy to read. No wonder they got so popular and you can see them literally all over the internet. Yesterday I saw a video, it was with that guy from Youtube called Tai Lopez and he, as usually, shared a interesting information on his live podcast: according to recent research, people’s range of attention is only about 6 seconds and the best part is that they found that the attention span of a goldfish is better than ours: 7 seconds. It’s crazy and so true, there’s so many information jumping at us from all corners that we naturally decreased our ability to focus on one thing drastically. Of course this is just one reason and I could start talking about all the others, but I really believe this one is one of the main causes.