Best Love Quotes

I like love quotes but I also believe that traditional tales have a huge impact on our vision of love. Through them, we forge an image of the ideal woman or man. We are prisoners of this idealized image. The quest for the absolute often leads to a perpetual dissatisfaction since this quest for ideal love is fictitious and blinds us to the point of missing out on a toad that could still do us good.

A love quote like the one above makes one admit that living in a dream of love generates dissatisfaction because of the gap between the ideal and reality. Accepting the person as he/she is, is certainly sometimes difficult, but it is also by reaching there that we find real satisfaction in love.

Some people are not looking for a particular ideal. What they desire above all is the state of love. More attracted by the state of love than the object that gives them this state, they do not take the time to know their partner and do not know if it can make them happy. By confusing the illusion of love and love, you risk being cruelly disappointed over the years.