Beautiful Garden Designs

You have a tiny garden, a courtyard or even a patio and you are desperate because of its small size? You should not ! It is possible to transform this plot into a small outdoor paradise that will offer you an extra room in the sun. I have a few tips to help you make a small garden that deposits.

Take Care of Details

From the partition to the floor and the furniture, I advise you to choose everything with precision and precaution. The smaller the space, the more details are visible. I love the idea of ​​a small garden that covers a wooden floor and makes the shade coincide with that of the partition: the whole is all the more harmonious!

In addition, I can never repeat it enough that the shade sail is the key that perfectly finalizes a small space, with taste and delicacy.

Compare Spaces

To have a feel of a larger garden that has a deck and lawn space, compartmentalize your surface in half. Whether for a combination of lawn / wood or tile / gravel, you will feel like expanding your garden just by multiplying its functions and spaces.