Best Geometric Tattoos and Symbolism

Ok, you want to get tattooed, but you are afraid to get started? You would really like to go there but are afraid of the impact it could have at work? Both discreet and deep, there are hundred of small tattoos you could use that mean a lot.

A dot, a comma, a geometric shape, etc.There are so many symbols which at first glance do not mean much. And yet, some small tattoos with very refined designs hide a much deeper meaning. Let me break down two for you.

The semicolon

This marks a pause in a sentence, but does not finish it. To tattoo one then would like to say that even if it seems that you are going through a difficult period, it is only a passing. And you made the choice to continue, to give up nothing and to redouble your efforts to get back to the surface.


The Sail / Boat / Hook / Line / Sinker

“A smooth sea has never made a qualified sailor”. In other words, if we did not go through hard times, we would not learn from them. We must know how to relativize and realize that even if life can play tricks on us, we always get something out of it.