5 Ideas of Cool Geometric Tattoos

The crescent moon

“Some nights, the wolves are silent and only the moon screams.” This famous phrase by George Carlin perfectly translates the spirit of the moon tattoo. Those who wear it reveal themselves at night and for them, the moon is the mystical element multiplying all powers. It can also mean change, the moon is constantly changing.

The rune of Kenaz

It is a Viking symbol representing energy, inspiration, creativity and knowledge. It could be translated in one sentence: “Create your own reality”.


The symbol Inguz

Originally from Greece, it carries a motto: “When we want, we can”. Whatever your desires, they are achievable as long as you give everything from your person to achieve it.

The “ohm”

It is one of the most sacred symbols of Hinduism. It represents 4 states of consciousness: awakening, dream, deep sleep and transcendental state. It is also a reference to the world of illusion.

The “meraki”

A word from Greece, it represents giving body and soul in all our activities. It’s the idea that whatever we do, we should do it with creativity and passion.