Reel Fishing

Very relaxing and quiet game. If you like fishing I’m sure you’ll love this game as it’s just about that. It’s one of the most popular fishing games, even though it has such a simple design and everything. I guess its value lays somewhere deeper.


  • Click on Play Game!, highlight and erase the Please enter your name. text and write your name and click Continue.
  • Use the Left and Right keys to turn to the sides.
  • Start casting your lure by hitting the Up key once. The bar at the top will be signalling how much force you’re applying and you just need to hit the up arrow key right in the moment of your desired force to be used. The more force you use (fuller bar), the further will you cast your lure.
  • The point is that you’re trying to cast more-less to the position where you think the next fish will pass by. You can estimate it by watching its behavior and direction of movement.
  • Once you’ll get a fish on that lure, use gently the Down key to get it to you. Don’t do it too quickly or you’ll create too much pressure – depending on the size of the fish – and you’ll lose it.

As you start to play the game, you’ll see how extremely simple the game actually is, but can be very addicting if you are a passionate fisher.