Binball Wizard

A magnificant game for spending some free time, when you just don’t wanna do anything productive and simply have some fun. Nothing complicated but actually a very catchy game, so watch out! It’s actually my favorite quick online game and I know a lot of people who actually share the same opinion as me.


  • Select your gender and hit CLICK TO PLAY and then PLAY GAME.
  •  The turning and shooting is all done by the mouse. Just hold the left click just enough and accordingly to the required force you need to achieve.

It’s great for training and improving of your dimensional and abstract thinking, especially when you get to the higher levels of the game. Later it actually gets to a point where you need to really try to guess and more-less calculate the right angle to make it to the basket. It wouldn’t be that hard if you could spend how much time you wanted but it’s actually not the case. Your time is pretty limited for every level and you really need to think fast and outside the box.

Finally, the points you get depend on how many shots you needed to hit the basket in each and every level of the game. All this counts to your final score, so don’t waste your tries and try to do it at as few shots as possible.