{VIDEO} “PANDA” – Desiigner Dance | Choreography By @MattSteffanina

Today I bring you another piece of my all time favorite dance videos with choreography. Apart from the great song itself, there are some really good dancers that the music even cooler than it already is – at least for me. So the first guy dancing in the video with the girl in yellow (Dana Alexa), is known as @MattSteffanina (for those who might not know) and it’s basically his dance class. They were a couple for about 5 years and broke up sometime in summer 2016. It’s said, especially because they are public persons and a lot of people just see them as one inseparable entity (including me – there was even time when I thought that MattSteffanina were 2 names in one – Matt and Steffanina ahahaha, seriously no kidding :-)), but looks like that’s life.

As always there are some dancers that I especially like in a particular video and in this one is the asian guy in the blue pants, who’s yours?