Jade Chynoweth Dancing a Dae Dae “Wat U Mean”

If you are a fan of hip hop dancing like me I’m almost sure that you know, or at least have seen this girl Jade Chynoweth┬ádancing in some of the videos on Youtube. I mean she is becoming more and more popular and no wonder – she is extremely talented and you easily see the difference between here and other dancers. That’s not all, she is actually a good actor too and showed her skills in acting in a couple of movies already. She definitely has something to her, something original and attractive although she’s not really my type, I really respect her for what she does. I’ve been watching her videos for years now and the amount of moves that she’s got to offer and the way how she presents them on the screen is just breath taking. In this particular post I’d like to show you one of her many performances that I really like. The song is great too so you can see how she really enjoys the dancing here. The style is a typical New York street girl style with a bubble gum swag.