Find The Hidden Cat In The Picture!

Yesterday I got to my email box a very interesting puzzle – one of those typical “search that hidden thing in the picture”. I really liked it and found it for some reason a lot difficult and more interesting than many similar tasks. I really appreciate that it’s actually a real photo and not just a drawing, etc. You may have remember one of my previous posts such as for example this one, where you are to spot as soon as possible the letter C. As I mentioned on that page, it got pretty popular together with the harder version of this letter finding eye test, where you need to find the letter n.

But let’s get back to this one. It’s funny, I remember when I was a kid I was in a situation where with my brother we were trying to find and catch small cats in a very similar place within a bunch of chopped and stored logs one over another. It was a real fun as the owner told us that the cat we catch, we can keep. For some reason it was a great motivation for us haha –  And no we didn’t catch any of them – those little bastards were too fast:)