Find C Within 1 Minute!

I’ve just made an eye and concentration testing task for you here. I’m actually sure that many of you have already seen something like this here and there in the past, but I just think that this type of stuff never gets old. At least I find it always interesting to check it out. I know that there’sĀ people who are impatient and just cannot stand similar puzzles at all. Although some people also could have a real problem with the concentration and ability to keep the eye contact focus while reviewing the circles. Anyway, try not to get hypnotized by staring at it too much šŸ˜€
And if you find it within one minute, tell us in the comments of this fb post!

UPDATE!: We’ve received a lot of feedback from you on our facebook post with this eye test puzzle, telling us that it was actually not so hard for many of you. I just wanna tell you that we heard you out and that’s why I was commanded to create a similar but a lot more complicated task for you guys. We’ve already receivedĀ a great feedback about how much harder and more entertaining the new one isĀ in comparison to this one. Check it out – Find the ‘n’ letter!