Find The Difference Between These Two Coins

Hahaha, when my eyes first landed on this picture I was like “that must be so easy, I’m gonna crack this one in a millisecond and do a record”. I couldn’t be further from the actual reality 🙂 It resulted to be practically one of the hardest “spot the difference” type of thing I have ever tried to solve I think. Seriously, it’s not like those drawings etc. that you can follow some lines and you pretty much find the difference in a reasonable time. This one is a real photo which means it can be anything – there’s so much more colors and details in a photo than some drawings, which is one of the reasons puzzles like these tend to be a lot harder to solve even though it’s just a small picture. I was seriously staring like it a good amount of time, I think like 5 minutes till I found it:-) I don’t know I was probably tired or something as I don’t think it should take me so long. Anyway, good luck!